Nobody owns a nonprofit agency, even the founder of the organization. It is a public trust—and everyone is an integral part of the work we do. When the young people in our society are receiving care, we all profit: less court costs and fewer prisons (which cost taxpayers far more than programs like ours—with much worse results); less crime; fewer teen pregnancies; less poverty; less cyclical domestic and child abuse; increased literacy; improved mental health—the benefits of restoring hope to a struggling young person are innumerable. The principle works when giving to any good cause you believe in, but we hope you will give to Art from Ashes and to the youth we serve.

There are multiple ways to support our efforts, whether through donations, corporate sponsorships, joining the Dylan Thomas Society, volunteering, networking, or attending our youth performances. More than 75% of funding for all nonprofits comes from individuals who want to support their communities and have a positive impact on the world!

We continue to hold fundraisers, solicit grants, and pursue contracts with other youth organizations, yet we also believe very strongly in the reciprocity of individual giving. It not only benefits the recipient—in this case, high-risk youth—but blesses the giver. Many people tend to think that when they have “enough” money, they’ll give. The discipline of giving—even when it seems you don’t have enough—rewards you with the faith to give. If you’d like more information on the emotional and financial benefits of giving and how important it is especially during hard times, please download an article called “The Greatest Moneymaking Secret In History” by Dr. Joe Vitale.

Here are some EASY ways to help our agency serve youth:

Searching and Shopping on the Internet

You get coupons and deals; we get a percentage of your purchase. Win/Win!
GoodSearch and GoodShop :: between 0.5 and 10% from more than 110,000 stores!
GoodSearch can be installed as your default search engine (Yahoo-based) and we get 1¢ per search; GoodShop gives us a percentage of wherever you shop online (and you get discounts just for participating!)

AmazonSmile :: 0.5% of every Amazon purchase

Adult Wordshop Gift Certificates

Gift the gift of empowerment and transformation through creativity! Your gift recipient will be able to choose from any wordshop offered in 2016. Purchase Here (set up your gift certificate, login to Paypal, and click Submit). Or mail us a check and we’ll send an email for you.

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You can trust our integrity; Art from Ashes is an accredited charity through the Better Business Bureau
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