What’s Your Why?

At Art from Ashes, we believe in the creative power of youth to change our world for the better, to bring communities together, and to transform themselves and others. That’s what drives us to work hard every day. It’s our Why.

The magic of what we do is that while we’re a small agency, we have large hearts supporting us. Our team includes teachers, program managers, caseworkers, donors, parents and volunteers. They believe in youth, too — and they know that when people join together to care for one another, communities heal and grow.

Share your Why with Art from Ashes.

  • Become a volunteer, board member or train to be a youth facilitator.
  • Make a donation to help struggling youth transform their stories and our community through their creative genius.
  • And as you gather together over the holidays, please share our work with your friends and family.

Here are the Why’s of others to inspire you.

Karen MullenaxMelinda DriscollRachel IcolariTheo WilsonVeronica Holyfield


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