expression. connection. transformation.

expression. connection. transformation.

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Empowering youth through creative expression and personal transformation

Our nationally-recognized, award-winning curriculum has served more than 14,000 young people in Art from Ashes creative empowerment workshops. 

Art from Ashes (AfA) is a Colorado nonprofit that encourages creative empowerment through artistic expression for struggling youth age 9 to 24.

For more than 16 years, AfA’s art programs have encouraged marginalized youth to tell their stories and find creative empowerment through poetry and spoken word in our award-winning Phoenix Rising program In 2017 AfA added the visual and tactile art program Drawing on Air.

All of AfA’s programs provide a safe, non-judgmental space with caring adults and community artists for youth to share their dreams, hopes, fears and pain, as well as the opportunity to connect with their community, and transform their stories from trauma to self-empowerment.

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AfA has partnered with 182 youth-serving agencies and schools to provide interactive programs that offer a healthy alternative to destructive behaviors for young people struggling with abuse and violence, poverty, racism, depression, and low personal resiliency.


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Young people in challenging circumstances learn the power of their own creativity to reframe negative perceptions and determine a successful future. Our work is changing the world by listening to, connecting with, and supporting transformation for thousands of young people a year.

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When the young people in our society know we care and that we’re listening, we all benefit: fewer court costs and prisons (with much better results); less crime; fewer teen pregnancies; less poverty; less cyclical domestic and child abuse; increased literacy; improved mental health—the benefits of restoring hope to a struggling young person are innumerable.

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Group of youth writing