Please let us know how you want the weekend to go!

Please provide the following information, so we can better prepare for the upcoming retreat!

Feel free to contact Catherine at 303.837.1550 or 303.946.9897 if you have any questions or need assistance completing the form.


If more than one role, select the role that requires MOST of your time.
Key staff, interns and contractors are invited to attend on Saturday, as we will be reviewing and strategizing as a team, requiring everyone\'s input. We are hoping all will stay for CAH and whisky (or... whatever) until Sunday morning after a light breakfast, at which point the board will stay to finish the strategic plan updates and determine an operating plan for 2018.
In your own words, please indicate up to three takeaways you hope to gain from the retreat.
Which of the following areas are you most interested in learning about? (You can choose more than one)
How will we determine evidence that the goals of the retreat were met?
If you attended last year\'s agency retreat, which aspects do you feel were most productive?
If you attended last year\'s agency retreat, which of the activities do you feel were the least helpful?
Food and Lodging

We\’ll be providing 2 continental breakfasts, 2 meals (TBD), and snacks for 9 people, so if you\’d like to help by bringing something, please contact Celeste at email hidden; JavaScript is required by April 20.

Your service to this agency and the work we do with youth is amazing! I\’m so glad we\’ll be spending time together!