SWOTs can be confusing if you haven\'t done one before. PLEASE read the instructions for each question carefully.

AfA needs your input for a SWOT before the retreat, so we can make informed decisions about our future goals and plans. Please fill in your responses no later than April 6, so we can compile the responses!

Answers must be in the form of a statement of fact, include what you have observed, not what you believe, otherwise put N/A.

Feel free to contact Catherine at 303.837.1550 or 303.946.9897 if you have any questions or need assistance completing the form.

If more than one role, select the role that requires MOST of your time.
Responses can be anonymous, although it helps if you identify yourself.
What is the primary skill/resource you offer that supports the agency\'s mission?
What do you think are the three greatest INTERNAL strengths of AfA? (What are we doing within our agency that is working well?) Please note this is different from the Opportunities section, which asks what things are EXTERNAL that are in our favor.
What do you think are the three biggest INTERNAL challenges AfA has? (What are we doing within the agency that needs improvement or change?) Please note this is different than THREATS, which are external factors that may impact our success.
What do you see as three EXTERNAL opportunities AfA can take advantage of? (What societal, financial, environmental or other changes present interesting opportunities for our agency?)
What do you think are the three biggest EXTERNAL threats AfA faces? (What societal, financial, environmental or other factors might reduce our ability to impact the community and the youth we serve?)
Please familiarize yourself with the budget before answering in order to avoid unrealistic expectations.
Please be specific. Rather than \"staffing,\" consider staff recruitment, or staff retention or specific staff qualities; rather than \"funding,\" consider need for a contracted professional grantwriter or need for a fundraising professional.