All Sacred Behind the Veil

All Sacred Foundation 2019

On August 2, long-time advocates and tattoo artists at All Sacred Tattoo Foundation invited Art from Ashes staff, volunteers, and youth poets to their new shop in Wheat Ridge for the “Behind the Veil” art show and fundraising event.

Committed to community betterment, All Sacred Foundation artists “tattoo with heart.” All Sacred’s well-known and sought after artists provided tattoos to the public at these events and donated all proceeds to three area nonprofits, including Art from Ashes!

Four Art from Ashes youth poets performed in front of a crowd of supporters who applauded the courage of their voices. Hear AfA’s Founder and Executive Director Catherine O’Neill Thorn’s spirited speech below! (And check out her new tattoo in the slideshow!)

We are grateful for the continued love and support from Aries Rhysing, All Sacred Tattoo Foundation, and all those who donated to Art from Ashes at the Behind the Veil event. Congratulations on your beautiful new shop!

Video of Catherine’s speech: 08-2019 All Sacred-Catherine-smaller

Did you miss the event, but still want to support Art from Ashes and get some cool All Sacred art? Check out their merchandise store! One third of all proceeds go directly to Art from Ashes and our award winning programming: