End-of-Year Celebrations At-A-Glance

Our end-of-year celebrations of youth art and poetry are virtual and here they are at a glance...
November 17, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Award

AfA founder receives the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation's Arts and Society Award!
November 16, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Thank You To Our 2020 Advocates

THANK YOU for showing up for the youth in our community...
October 23, 2020/by AfAAdmin

My Poems-Sammi Little

My Poems
by Sammi Little, 16
October 23, 2020/by AfAAdmin

NEW Youth Ambassador Program

One way for youth to exercise their power by having more choices, which is why we created...
October 23, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Pizzeria Locale Fundraiser

Pizzeria Locale yet again proved their commitment to our mission and acknowledged our struggle...
October 22, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Pastries and Poetry

AfA hosted our first Zoom event, Pastries and Poetry, and it was so much fun, we're doing it again!
October 22, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Investing in Hope

During this time of continuous loss fueled by rapid change, we are forced to find alternatives...
October 22, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Giving Tuesday 2020

Mark your calendars to pack a local punch on Giving Tuesday, December 1st. Join donors from...
October 22, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Leadership Arts program

AfA's Director of Programs Sarah Lanzarotta is honored to have been chosen to participate...
October 22, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Creativity: The Language of Change

In a time when feeling powerless is a frequent result of my doom-scrolling, I...
October 21, 2020/by AfAAdmin

Virtual Youth Workshops

During this out-of-control (literally) year of turmoil and danger, Art from Ashes has been and will continue to provide...
October 21, 2020/by AfAAdmin
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