Crowdsource Poem

Contribute to a collective 50-line poem with us. This is an opportunity for expressive freedom and connection with your community!
2021-04-26/by AfAAdmin

Pandemic Burnout

Feelin' the BURNOUT? Our response to a New York Times article addressing lack of motivation.
2021-04-05/by AfAAdmin

Youth Poets Are Powerful

Amanda Gorman mesmerized our nation —article by Camila Sotela
2021-01-31/by AfAAdmin

Social Justice Statement

Democracy under fire...
yet the phoenix always rises!
2021-01-13/by AfAAdmin

Heart to Heart

A heart-to-heart conversation with Catherine O'Neill Thorn, inviting a response from our supporters.
2020-12-30/by AfAAdmin

Badass-Ray Arterburn

The poem "Badass" written and performed by AfA youth poet Ray Arterburn
2020-12-28/by AfAAdmin

Celebration of Light 2020

Even in dark times we have much to celebrate, because light is always present!
2020-12-17/by Jay Carbon

2020 Holiday Letter

Happy Season of Light! Read our annual holiday letter, which includes a youth poem.
2020-12-07/by AfAAdmin

2020 Online Auction

No need to wait until CoGives Day to bid on our AWESOME auction items! Open for only ONE WEEK!
2020-12-07/by AfAAdmin

2020 Colorado Gives Day

Together we can support resiliency and hope in those who were struggling before the pandemic.
2020-12-04/by AfAAdmin

Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Award

AfA founder receives the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation's Arts and Society Award!
2020-11-16/by AfAAdmin

Thank You To Our 2020 Advocates

THANK YOU for showing up for the youth in our community...
2020-10-23/by AfAAdmin
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