renaissance after the plague by luis-alfonso-orellana

Creativity: The Language of Change

In a time when feeling powerless is a frequent result of my doom-scrolling, I…

virtual workshop promo

Virtual Youth Workshops

During this out-of-control, Art from Ashes has been and will continue to provide…

Twister game

Tied Up In “Nots”

It’s too easy lately to think of all the things we’re NOT doing and how we’re NOT where…

furious dancing meme

And We Be Dancin’

And we thought a FLOOD was a challenge! Who knew that as we weathered the trial of losing…

First Friday Instagram

You can still hear our youth poets perform every First Friday on Instagram @afaphoenix

Sarah delivering packages

Writing Kits

More than 80 Phoenix Rising creative writing kits have been delivered to schools and other agencies thanks to a generous grant from TGYS!

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Merry Un-Tea Party

We turned our June 4 All-Volunteer Meeting into a virtual Very Merry UnTea Party, honoring all the mad people who make our mission all happen.

PECAA logo


Each spring, PECAA Associates travel to a different city for their annual meeting and leave their “footprint” by supporting an area nonprofit.

Maria's hand writing

Share Your Poem

Hello, Creative Genius! Have a poem you’ve written from one of our prompts? You can share it with us right here!