All Sacred Behind the Veil

All Sacred Foundation 2019

On August 2, long-time advocates and tattoo artists at All Sacred Tattoo Foundation invited Art from Ashes staff, volunteers, and youth poets to their new shop in Wheat Ridge for the “Behind the Veil” art show and fundraising event.

Committed to community betterment, All Sacred Foundation artists “tattoo with heart.” All Sacred’s well-known and sought after artists provided tattoos to the public at these events and donated all proceeds to three area nonprofits, including Art from Ashes!

Four Art from Ashes youth poets performed in front of a crowd of supporters who applauded the courage of their voices. Hear AfA’s Founder and Executive Director Catherine O’Neill Thorn’s spirited speech below! (And check out her new tattoo in the slideshow!)

We are grateful for the continued love and support from Aries Rhysing, All Sacred Tattoo Foundation, and all those who donated to Art from Ashes at the Behind the Veil event. Congratulations on your beautiful new shop!

Video of Catherine’s speech: 08-2019 All Sacred-Catherine-smaller

Did you miss the event, but still want to support Art from Ashes and get some cool All Sacred art? Check out their merchandise store! One third of all proceeds go directly to Art from Ashes and our award winning programming:

ROTG Recap

Running of the Gays flyerby Boone Riddle

High heels and high spirits, open hearts and open bar tabs, tears and twerking, performance and passion. At the intersection of activism and celebration, where vulnerable expression and raunchy comedy are served up in spades, where dedicated warriors pour out their souls as they pour another cocktail—THIS is Running of the Gays. 

The 9th Annual Running of the Gays once again put on this faux marathon in heels to highlight the brilliance of our youth. A silly event with the serious purpose of supporting empowerment workshops for queer youth.  

Our 2018 event was both a familiar family reunion, and a leap forward for our organization. Our incredible youth poets captivated the audience with open, raw, and frequently hilarious expressions of their struggles and their victories. Other performers threw down sultry musical performances as the crowd cheered and tipped and begged for more. However they chose to express themselves, the showcase of talent from our youth performers was a powerful, tangible display of their hearts—and AfA’s work to facilitate their transformation.

Running of the Gays continues to gain visibility with local media, community, and supporters. Many new faces joined the team and gave their all to make this event happen. Running of the Gays was even featured on the FOX31 network! Our incredible network of staff, volunteers, and donors is stronger than ever. Planning for next year’s Running of the Gays is already underway! This is all made possible by your support for Art from Ashes. Thank you. We’ll see you at the 10th Annual Running of the Gays next year!

Thank you to our 2018 sponsors!

Ace Eat Serve



Fleur Salon

X Bar

The Bank of Denver

Charlie's Nightclub Denver

Pizzeria Locale

For some hilarious photos and videos of the event, check out our Facebook page:

Recover Your Creative Genius Gala

On June 9 Art from Ashes, guest artists, and more than 50 supportive donors gathered at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion in Denver to celebrate the importance of creativity in substance-abuse prevention and recovery.

The gala fundraiser, Recover Your Creative Genius, grew out of AfA’s success working addiction and substance abuse prevention and intervention. It was organized in large part by Liz Kane of Centennial Peaks Hospital, Rourke Weaver of Red Rock Recovery Center, with support from Wesley Hooks of Sandstone Care. Many of the young people we serve have been affected by substance abuse, and our youth empowerment programs demonstrate the importance of creative expression for personal transformation.

Keynote speaker Austin Eubanks spoke about his journey from Columbine survivor through addiction to his current work as an addiction expert. Guest artists Sur Ellz and Kid Astronavt joined AfA youth poet Savannah Ray Arterburn to provide an incredibly moving performance. Boss Sauce provided appetizers and a lavish three-course meal, and AfA board members, volunteers and staff contributed wine.

AfA Board President Lewis Lease and Executive Director Catherine O’Neill Thorn discussed the importance of AfA in our community and also thanked the attendees for supporting our programs with their generosity.

Corporate sponsors included Centennial Peaks Hospital, Red Rock Recovery Center, Sandstone Care, The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, Dominion Diagnostics, and True Value of Woodville.