Please let us know how it went!

Thank you for partnering with Art from Ashes to support transformation in the lives of the youth we serve!

Please take some time to thoughtfully complete the following form; your input directly affects how we facilitate our programs. We ask that you complete this form within a week of the final workshop.

Feel free to contact me at 303.837.1550 if you have any questions or need assistance completing the form.

Where you can be reached for questions or clarification about your responses.
Which of the following creative workshops were provided?
All unduplicated youth.
Youngest to Oldest
In your own words, how you would describe the overall makeup of the group, including specific demographics, any emotional/behavioral challenges, and general overview of their needs/issues. This helps us determine if our curriculum met the needs presented.
For instance, was it a classroom? An auditorium? A drop-in center?
Which of the following creative workshops would you be interested in providing the youth in the future?
Example: First Friday, youth presentations, etc.
If so, please provide as much contact information as you can.

Art from Ashes creative workshops are funded by Art from Ashes donors and supporters, community foundations, in-kind donations of goods and services, and the collaborating partner.