ccilogoLast week, Art from Ashes was honored to receive a 2015-2016 award of $7,500 from Colorado Creative Industries (CCI)

“in recognition of the organization’s hard work and empowerment of youth through artistic expression.”

The award is part of the annual Colorado Creates grant program, which provided awards to 168 organizations throughout the state. Like AfA, Colorado Creative Industries values the role of arts programs in strengthening our community.

“The state is experiencing healthy growth in the creative economy, due in large part to combined state, local and regional efforts to advance support for artists, non-profit arts organizations, and creative place making efforts,” said Margaret Hunt, director of CCI, stated in a press release.

Art from Ashes is honored to again be recognized as one of the top nonprofits working in the arts in Colorado. The money will help fund workshops for youth, as well as the growth and introduction of new programs to foster self-realization and empowerment.

Thank you to Colorado Creative Industries, and to all of our supporters who continue to make our success possible!