Creative Mornings

Our founding director, Catherine O’Neill Thorn, was recently featured as the keynote speaker for Creative Mornings-Denver! Creative Mornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community that has chapters all over the world, and Catherine was chosen to speak on Genius… kind of our wheelhouse. The video includes two youth poets and a writing prompt you can try!

“Art from Ashes Executive Director and Poet Catherine O’Neill Thorn talks about how her organization helps young people who have experienced pain recover by finding their creative genius through poetry.

“At Art from Ashes, Catherine O’Neill Thorn and her team believe that each person is born a creative genius. Yet young people who have experienced abuse, poverty, racism and other forms of trauma struggle with self-worth and hopelessness because of their negative experiences. Come to hear from some of the artists who’ve gone through her program and learn how AfA’s team facilitate the awareness of an identity based on creative power, and from the ashes of despair, like a phoenix, youth learn to speak transformation into their lives through poetry and art.”

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