Youth Poets Are Powerful

Amanda Gorman mesmerized our nation —article by Camila Sotela
2021-01-31/by AfAAdmin

Badass-Ray Arterburn

The poem "Badass" written and performed by AfA youth poet Ray Arterburn
2020-12-28/by AfAAdmin

Celebration of Light 2020

Even in dark times we have much to celebrate, because light is always present!
2020-12-17/by Jay Carbon

My Poems-Sammi Little

My Poems
by Sammi Little, 16
2020-10-23/by AfAAdmin

NEW Youth Ambassador Program

One way for youth to exercise their power by having more choices, which is why we created...
2020-10-23/by AfAAdmin

Creativity: The Language of Change

In a time when feeling powerless is a frequent result of my doom-scrolling, I...
2020-10-21/by AfAAdmin

Virtual Youth Workshops

During this out-of-control, Art from Ashes has been and will continue to provide...
2020-10-21/by AfAAdmin

And We Be Dancin’

And we thought a FLOOD was a challenge! Who knew that as we weathered the trial of losing...
2020-07-12/by AfAAdmin

First Friday Instagram

You can still hear our youth poets perform every First Friday on Instagram @afaphoenix
2020-07-07/by AfAAdmin

Writing Kits

More than 80 Phoenix Rising creative writing kits have been delivered to schools and other agencies thanks to a generous grant from TGYS!
2020-07-06/by AfAAdmin

Share Your Poem

Hello, Creative Genius! Have a poem you've written from one of our prompts? You can share it with us right here!
2020-05-12/by AfAAdmin

Virtual Prompts

Art from Ashes has been and will continue to offer young people a much-needed creative outlet...
2020-04-18/by AfAAdmin
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