Read a wonderful poem written in only three minutes by Hayle, a 16-year-old student at Endeavor Academy in Arapahoe County. Our process allows young people to trust in their creative genius. Consequently, each poem reveals their deepest, most poignant thoughts, dreams and ideas. Here are Hayle’s:

Fury (for my voice)
by Hayle, age 16 from Endeavor Academy

My voice is my strength
It has muscles to let everyone know who the hell I am
and who I will always be
I will always push my voice to its highest point
Releasing all its energy just so I can be heard

I am the voice beneath my skin
I will push so I am heard
I will not live without being heard

My story will be known till the day that I die
I won’t give up on myself
Or my voice
I won’t let myself give up