Love Synesthesia

Love is the color gray, faded and old
But still strong
Love moves like a sloth Slow, without a care
Gently moving through life
Love is a sapling
Small and springy
Barely starting to grow

– Ryan Huitt, 14

The color of love is white
It’s a blank slate to
Be filled
With colors
Of every kind
To be written
Sweet little notes on
Love would be the treScreen Shot 2016-05-14 at 11.01.37 PMe trunk
You carve hearts in
With her name
Leaving a memory

– Savi Younker, 16

The color of love is a sunrise
Love moves like warm melted chocolate
Love is a vast, growing tree

– Megan Q, 16

The color of love is both black and white
Like a yin and yang symbol
Turning in one’s perspective and
The motion to see a bird fly
Loving the vast views of the world and
Feeling as if you can never wish to stop
Loving the beauty

– Yesina Hernandez, 15

The color of love is gray
If love moved it would move like a river
If love was a part of nature it would be a tree
Because it keeps growing

– Ryan Gemkow, 15