Manuel Perez – Age 17


expressionLove is the red flames of a burning fire
Intensifying as time goes on
Love is the sound of a bird chirping in the rise of a morning
Awakening to a new reality
Inviting you to experience something new
Love is the smell of roses
Subtle yet strong and powerful enough to brighten your day after smelling
Love tastes like an apple
It can sometimes be bitter, but usually sweet
It is an essential nutrient to life
Love feels like a warm hug
It fills you with happiness to the touch
Love moves like the blood through the veins in your body
Fueling every part of you and pushing you through life


What is Success?

What is success?
Is it the big mansion and the shiny sports cars?
Is it the millions in the bank and the shirt and tie?
Or is it finding yourself?
Is it reaching a goal that you long struggled for?
Is it doing what you want without caring about what others will say?
Breaking the barrier of society that wants you to
Walk a fine line without stepping out.
A line set by the followers and not the leaders.
Success is being the owner of your thoughts and values
Which you guard with your sharp sword,
Without letting society push you to fit in.