Read a powerful poem written in only three minutes by Sammi Little, a 16-year-old student at Denver Online Academy-2018. Our process allows young people to trust in their creative genius. Consequently, each poem reveals their deepest, most poignant thoughts, dreams and ideas. Here are Sammi’s:

My Poems

I am a black poet.
My poems can be poems full of darkness,
sadness and pain,
but light can be added,
making that pain now visible in an area of gray.
Pain is beauty.
Pain is power.
That’s why I’m a black poet.

I am a horse poet,
full of freedom, power,
connection, wisdom, and strength.
I am a poet who stampedes
with my herd into change.

I am a poet of the flowing water,
rushing wind, and bristling leaves.
I am a poet of an ever-changing, ever-growing
evergreen forest
that was burnt down by the oppression
and hate of the world
only to regrow stronger
and more courageously beautiful.

beautiful photos of purple clouds in the sky