Noah workshops…get it? ‘Cuz we had a flood!!!

These are strange times indeed. Normally, we let you know about the workshops we’re hosting at our community-focused safe space, as well as our fun off-site events. Our mission is to bring young people, artists, and the community together to create a forum for expression, connection and transformation.

Having braved a flood in our building earlier this month (pipes burst upstairs!), followed by the rapid spread of a deadly virus, Art from Ashes has closed our office for the short term. We are following the recommendations of the CDC, and with the aim of reducing the spread of COVID-19 and promoting social distancing to flatten the curve, our volunteer meetings also are on hold and our team meetings will be conducted via Zoom when possible. (Stay tuned volunteers!) Primarily, and most significantly, this means our on-site weekly creative empowerment workshops, including our April 2nd First Friday, also are stopped until said curve is flattened. 😢

Sure our hearts are broken, but they continue to beat with love and hope.

While we are unable to bring people together in physical spaces, we are working hard to figure out ways we can continue to serve our youth, support our generous small business donors, and return to our powerful work of encouraging creative empowerment among struggling youth more stoked than ever. Art from Ashes has always been an organization made of the community for the community, and now is no different. We welcome your suggestions! Please visit our Facebook page this week as we explore ways to continue our work. You can use our comment page online or use Facebook or Twitter to contact us with ideas! And if anyone knows how to develop a small app, we’d love that!