Noon Whistle Fund provides a much-needed breath of fresh air

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have received a significant donation from the Noon Whistle Fund! The Noon Whistle Fund is a family foundation whose members came all the way from Chicago this month to visit our office here in Denver. We ran through our Love Synesthesia prompt together, showing them how transformative our curriculum is for young people. Not only did they provide us with our requested amount, but they informed us a few days after their visit that they were so impressed with our program, they would be increasing it by 72% to provide additional staff support!

The Noon Whistle created their donor-advised fund in order to give back to many communities, wherever they may be. They do not have a website and don’t want to provide any contact information. The family members who comprise the foundation are kind and caring people, and we are so very thankful for their generosity. Because of support like this, we can all breathe more deeply, the load a little lighter.