AfA Youth Write Dreams on a Prayer Wheel

Prayer Wheel (in progress)by Courtney Chandler

On July 11, 2016, Art from Ashes partnered with Arts Street and artist Deborah Jang to facilitate a workshop dedicated to a Denver-based community art project called Turn It Around. As a collaborative effort for this project, the group of youth at Arts Street and AfA’s drop-in workshops wrote oodles of prayers, in the form of 3-minute poems and drawings, expressing their hopes and aspirations for the betterment of our community and furthering racial equality.

Jang created three interactive sculptures inspired by Tibetan prayer wheels for her Turn It Around project, funded by Art Students League of Denver. Each hand-written youth poem was physically placed on the inside of one of the prayer wheel sculptures, which was just installed on February 10, 2017 at the light-rail station located at 10th Avenue and Osage Street—half a block away from AfA’s new office!

Next time you stop by our agency, be sure to spin the prayer wheel and spread our youth’s poetic love for our community.