adult workshop flyer“Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it’s holy ground. There is no greater investment.”

—Stephen Covey

Adult workshops allow participants to express themselves through poetry, accessing right-brain creative ability and the power of words to transform your life. The words we choose to define ourselves and our reality can dictate how we think, what we do—even our experiences and circumstances. By learning to harness the creativity of the right-brain and express yourself honestly and beautifully, you will be empowered to change your story and change your reality. Each  workshop series is limited to six people.

Writing workshops are designed to enhance the connection between the cognitive self and the creative right brain and do not focus on skills development. All levels of writers (including those who think they are not) are welcome and will benefit.

Please note that the adult workshops are in a virtual format in 2020!

“This workshop was enlightening, encouraging, and most of all, honest. In this safe and generous space I overheard myself saying things I did not know I knew.”

—Rev. Ian Cummins, Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church

“The workshops very much met my deepest emotional needs at this time/moment in my life. It was a release and I shared aspects of the experience with loved ones.”

—Jennifer Hampton, dance therapist

Introductory Adult Workshop Session

Reigniting Your Creative Genius
The Phoenix Rising process is designed to allow participants to recognize their inherent creative power and how perception affects our identity and our reality. Art from Ashes uses the latest research in left-brain/right-brain functioning and the role of creativity in transformation to encourage participants to access the creative subconscious and the power available through artistic expression.

The in person series has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please use the lower price below to sign up for our upcoming virtual series.


If you’d like to give a gift of creativity and transformation, we’ll send an email message alerting a loved one that you have purchased an adult workshop in their honor, or we’ll print and mail it. Certificates can be used for any adult series or afternoon forum at any time (no expiration date). **Please make sure to specify contact information of the recipient in the notes**

:: send check or cash to 1310 west 10th ave, denver, co 80204 or pay online with Paypal (You don’t need a Paypal account to pay through Paypal)

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$150 for 2020 virtual workshop series

$175 for complete face-to-face group series (2021: not yet scheduled)

$99 for afternoon face-to-face group forum (2021: not yet scheduled)

If you have any questions

Contact our Director of Programs