The Apostrophe factor is a business enhancement program that promotes creativity in the workplace. The benefits of our workshops include increased productivity as professionals improve their ability to effectively take a whole-brained approach to solving complicated and open-ended problems. The workshops themselves serve as a means for team-building, and the professional practitioners synthesize right-brained tools to master their perceptions and more effectively build productive relationships in the day-to-day corporate setting.

Apostrophe factor workshops are provided as a benefit to supporting an eight-week Phoenix Rising session of 2-hour wordshops for up to 20 youth!

Contact Catherine O’Neill Thorn for more information: 303.837.1550 or through our contact us page.

Tools for Managing Perceptions & Increasing Creative Productivity

apostrophe  Suspend Your Left Brain: Accessing your power to create

apostrophe  Ring the Bell: Recognizing your triggers

apostrophe  Power & Control: How your past relationships impact your response to authority

apostrophe  Check Your Bags: The effect your emotions can have on your behaviors in the workplace

apostrophe  More Than Just a Mantra: Putting respect into action in your workplace

apostrophe  Listen to Be Heard: Engage your team on common ground

apostrophe  Ride the Turtle: Small steps to getting unstuck

apostrophe  Throw a Fish: Bring fun into your workday!