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Casting Shadows is the newest program at Art from Ashes that facilitates expression, connection, and transformation through the power of creative play and theater. Casting Shadows focuses on providing youth a safe environment in which to take risks, collaborate, and experiment with current and future conflicts through dramatic structure.

Each workshop focuses on a principal of theater, including physical character masking, improvisational techniques, exploration of character tactics, as well as components of story telling including conflict and resolution.

According to Chris Vaugun, author of Play, “…[Play] renews our natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities.” Theater can reach youth through their natural tendency to play and take action, which makes this modality particularly effective for students who are resistant to traditional verbal routes to healing.

Youth experience success and joy in this workshop series with no previous performance experience necessary. A team of trained facilitators allow youth to safely explore their personal roles while gaining increased definition and flexibility with various roles needed in life in order to be successful.

Casting Shadows introduces youth to the art of dramatic performance while encouraging participants to recognize themselves as the main character in the performance of their lives, nurturing hope, insight and strength along the way.

CIMG6752Youth Outcomes

  • Increased awareness of problems and how to solve them
  • Healthy expression of feelings
  • Improved interpersonal and relationship-building skills
  • Experience of the natural benefits of play including, flexibility and resilience
  • Increased the connection between body and mind.

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