Intermediate Workshop: Synesthesia

afa-adult-workshopsINTERMEDIATE-1 (starts Feb 11)

Please note new start date!

SYNESTHESIA :: The Art and Science of Perception (must have completed the Introductory Session)
Poetry prompts will focus on each of the five senses, using science and creativity to illuminate the role of experience and expectation in our lives. By deliberately managing your perceptions, you can choose to perceive yourself and what happens to you differently. Discover how powerful your life can be, when you begin to influence reality by changing your perceptions!
:: Saturdays from 11 am to 12.30 pm, Feb. 11 – March 18 with Catherine O’Neill Thorn
$175 payment due by Feb 4 :: pay by check, cash, call us with credit card information, swipe or pay online with Paypal (below)
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