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2019 Rockies Game

ALL SOLD! Thank you, community ❤️

If you’d like to donate towards food and drinks for the youth we’re taking, please do so via Paypal or ColoradoGives or with cash/check (please indicate the purpose of your donation)!

1310 West 10th Ave • Denver, CO * 80204

Great seats, too! Section 117, rows 21, 22, 23

Running of the Gays 2019

Running of the Gays: Hoofin’ it in Heels for LGBTQ+ Youth

Come out and join Denver’s LGBTQIA community and Allies as we run toward a better future for youth at the 10TH ANNUAL Running of the Gays!

Get yer heels (and ankles!) ready to roll… or strut, or hop, or stumble in a 3-block “marathon” in heels to fund creative empowerment programs for queer youth in the Denver community. The event is organized by Art from Ashes, Denver’s LGBTQIA* community and Allies. Each year runners are asked to raise money through sponsorships to trot 3 blocks down 17th Avenue in heels, starting at Ace Eat Serve patio next to Steuben’s Food Service followed by an all ages (until 1.30 pm) after party at X Bar!

Proceeds contribute to continuing transformational creative programs for local youth who identify as LGBTQ+. While the event is silly, the statistics for our LGBTQ+ young people are decidedly unfunny: gay and lesbian youth are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than other youths, and 30% of all completed youth suicides are related to the issue of sexual identity; 45% of gay males and 20% of lesbians surveyed reported having experienced verbal harassment and/or physical violence during high school as a result of their sexual orientation; 26% of gays and lesbian youth are forced to leave home because of conflicts with their families over sexual identity. Art from Ashes provides creative programs with proven results that improve self-perception and increase involvement with and connection to the community.

Run a 3-block marathon in heels to help fund creative empowerment workshops for the queer youth in our community! You’ll be able to register with a $35 donation ($40 after Aug 15th).


The fee entitles runners to the ROTG “I brought the gay” t-shirt, a goodie bag, a free Mimosa courtesy of Steuben’s, and a foot massage!
Runners are asked to seek sponsorships from friends and family to raise money for the youth programs.

Donate through ColoradoGives:
Donate through Paypal GIving Fund (100% goes to AfA!):
If you are sponsoring a specific runner, please enter their name in the Special Instructions field or by writing their name on your check. Please send checks to 1310 West 10th Ave, Denver CO 80204.

So many thanks to our wonderful annual business sponsors. Some have been sponsoring Running of the Gays since 2010! If you’re interested in supporting our youth programs, please download our ROTG Sponsor Menu for levels of sponsorship and associated benefits. We love to support community businesses that support creative empowerment programs for queer youth! 

Runners gather at the bullpen at Ace Eat Serve/Steuben’s at 11 am to sign in, stretch and enjoy the street show. After Party, foot massages, drag show and silent auction will be held at X Bar from noon to 1.30 pm!

See on our ROTG Facebook page to see the photos from previous years, as well as find out more information.

Thank you to our business sponsors who make the whole thing possible!

Ace Eat Serve




X Bar

Pizzeria Locale

Fleur Salon

Out Front Magazine :: Payroll Vault :: The Bank of Denver :: Queen City Collective Coffee

Thank you to all those who have “come out” in the past. Re-live the fun here:

First Friday Youth Workshop


All youth ages 12 to 24 are invited to join us at Art from Ashes every First Friday of the month at 4.30 pm for a FREE one-hour Phoenix Rising poetry and spoken word workshop, followed at 5.30 by a FREE 45-minute performance workshop, featuring a performance poet. All youth are welcome; free pizza provided.

You don’t need to already write poetry/spoken word, because you ARE poetry!


Workshops are at our location just off the 10th and Osage light rail station. Just DROP IN!

The first 10 youth willing to perform their workshop poems will receive $10!

Contact Sarah Lanzarotta at Art from Ashes, for more information.

First Friday Performance


Log in to listen to the voices of young creative geniuses and a featured guest LIVE on Instagram at 4pm!

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, our monthly First Friday workshops and performances have been temporarily suspended in favour of a virtual performance on Instagram. For those of you unfamiliar with Instagram, easy instructions are below.

This event features youth spoken word performances by young people ages 12 to 24 tell their stories in metaphor through poems written in only 3 minutes. A guest poet from the community will join the youth to provide encouragement and to promote access to the arts.

Contact our email hidden; JavaScript is required

For Instagram novitiates! How to watch Instagram live:
Use a smartphone (not a tablet or desktop!)
If you haven’t set up your own Instagram account, do that
and if you have, log in and search for @afaphoenix 
Click on our profile (If you’re not already following us, please hit follow!)
If our logo has circles around it, that means we are LIVE; Click on the logo. (You don’t have to hold it down to watch.)
You can also leave us comments (or poems email hidden; JavaScript is required" alt=":heart:" aria-label="heart emoji" data-stringify-type="emoji" data-stringify-emoji=":heart:" />) while in our page!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Pastries and Poetry part 3

Did someone say strawberry cheesecake? You bet!

Laura Pena and Chef BrianIt’s the third event in our Pastries and Poetry series presented by Chef Brian Smith, coming to you just in time for Valentine’s Day. Click the link to reserve your spot for Monday, February 8th at 6pm MST and treat yourself to this first taste of spring with a [suggested] $35 donation that goes directly to our youth empowerment programs. You’ll hear some incredible youth poets perform as you create your very own edible art. We are berry excited, and hope you are too!

A suggested $35 donation gets you a spot to join in the fun. But if you can’t donate that much, please choose your amount and join us to support the youth poets by listening to their voices!

See below for a list of ingredients.

Please let us know when you RSVP if you have dietary restrictions and/or preferences so that we can work with you to accommodate them.

Thank you for supporting the work that Art from Ashes is doing for their community. We’ll see you in your kitchen soon!

Tools you’ll need:

10-inch Cake Pan
Kitchenmaid Mixer or Hand Mixer
Rubber Spatula
Small/Medium Pot
Sheet Pan/Cookie Sheet big enough to hold cake pan
Pan Spray

Graham Cracker Crust
12 oz (1.5 cups) graham cracker crumbs
3 oz (1/2 cups) melted butter
6 oz (3/4 cups) sugar
½ tsp Salt
Cheesecake Filling
1 pound (4 cups) cream cheese, room temp
5 oz (10 tbsp) Sugar
3 eggs
12 oz (1.5 cup) sour cream
2 oz (6 tbsp) flour
Strawberry Compote
1 pound strawberries
12 oz (1.5 cups) water
2 oz (4 tbsp) sugar
½ oz (2 tsp) cornstarch


Strawberry Cheesecake

First Friday

First Friday Youth Phoenix Rising Workshop

FOR YOUTH (12 to 24)

YOU ARE A CREATIVE GENIUS! Come share your voice with us and others every first friday of the month at the First Friday spoken word & poetry workshops, now happening virtually.

Prior to April of last year, First Fridays were celebrated in person at Art from Ashes in Denver. Due to the pandemic we’ve had to move online, but that means we’ve been able to have young people attend from all over the globe!

ALSO you get to hear one of our amazing performance poets from the community do a piece just for you!

Join us from wherever you are every First Friday and let your voice be heard!

Contact the Director of Programs here.

Did we mention we pay our youth poets when you perform? See you on Friday! 🙋🏼‍♀️

First Friday Youth Poetry Performance

Laura and Daniella First Friday on Instagram

Laura Peña and youth poet Daniella First Friday on Instagram


Join us every First Friday for youth spoken word performances via Instagram @afaphoenix between 6 and 6.30 pm.

Show support for the young people who participate in our Phoenix Rising youth empowerment program. Listen as youth poets ages 12 to 24 tell their stories in metaphor through poems written in only 3 minutes.

Much more than a public performance, youth gather through a Zoom workshop at 5pm for a FREE one-hour Phoenix Rising writing and performance workshop, featuring a local performance poet. All youth are welcome.

Go here for more details or contact Director of Programs email hidden; JavaScript is required for more information.

Unfamiliar with Instagram? Here’s our handy dandy cheat sheet:

How to Instagram

virtual workshop promo

Phoenix Rising Wednesdays

FOR YOUTH (12 to 24)


Each week on Wednesday at 4pm, when we used to host our Phoenix Rising on-site workshops, Art from Ashes provides a series of FREE writing prompts for youth on Zoom with a featured performance poet/musician from the community!

You don’t have to think you’re a poet, we already know you’re a creative genius. Come and speak your truth with other youth!

If you are between the age of 12 and 24, please contact our Director of Programs to reserve a spot and get the info for Zoom.