A special thanks from the President of the Board of Directors

Dear Art from Ashes Friends, Supporters, and Advocates:

To say the last several months have been difficult is an understatement. Thanks to your generosity, support, and unwavering belief that youth deserve a non-judgmental space to share their dreams, hopes, fears and pain, and to your desire to give young people an opportunity to deeply connect with caring adults and transform their stories from trauma to self-empowerment, we have been able to continue serving the community.

The incredible Art from Ashes team have adapted, rewritten, and revamped programs to be facilitated and accessed virtually, engaged new community philanthropic partners and nurtured existing relationships, and have worked with educational and agency leaders to come up with a plan of action to help youth access our vital programming through the power of creative expression and personal transformation.

I am sure there will be new challenges in the weeks and months to come, filled with surprises and hardships that none of us can—or could—anticipate. THANK YOU for showing up for the youth in our community through your generosity, time, and resources! Art from Ashes staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that Art from Ashes continues to empower youth through the arts and are honored that you have embarked on this journey with us.

James Baldwin wrote, “Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

We believe in the power of individuals to come together as a collective to support and advocate for the youth who need it the most. We will continue to persevere through hardship, facing what needs to be faced. I—and all of us at Art from Ashes—look forward to working alongside you on this journey.

In solidarity,
Adriel Long, Art from Ashes Board President