Wednesday’s Virtual Prompts

by Laura Peña, Lead Facilitator

Each week on Wednesday at 4pm, when we used to host our Phoenix Rising on-site workshops for youth, Art from Ashes provides a series of FREE writing prompts for youth on Zoom (no cost for the workshops or materials thanks to our generous funders). They have been a HUGE success! One young person, Madeleine (who shows up on time to all our writing workshops), has been so engaged, she showed her gratitude for AfA holding the space for her by sharing a special video she made for us.

Almost everyone voluntarily shares their poetry (nobody is made to) and the applause is warm and genuine. It takes courage to be vulnerable and the young people have plenty of that!

If you are a youth between the age of 12 and 24, please contact our Director of Programs to reserve a spot and get the info for Zoom. If you’re an adult and want to join in our prompts, connect with us on Facebook or Instagram!

You can read some of the poems written by our youth in only 3 MINUTES (no editing!) here.

virtual workshop promo

During this out-of-control (literally!) year of turmoil and danger, Art from Ashes has been and will continue to feature various writing prompts that will inspire expression, connection, and transformation: our signature process for hope and healing. Want to spark your inner creative genius and connect with others wherever you are? Join us for our live feeds on Instagram.

Because our award-winning curriculum requires an interactive approach, these prompts are simply a taste of the creative activities in our workshops. For more information about partnering with Art from Ashes after the crisis has passed or to schedule virtual workshops for your school or youth-serving agency, please contact our Director of Programs Sarah Lanzarotta.