We Moved!


10th-navajoFor 13 years Art from Ashes has proclaimed the power of words — a power that is evident in the transformed lives of the youth we serve. This year, and especially these past several weeks, we have seen the power of hateful words to be very real, especially in the political arena. And that negative power hit home for Art from Ashes in a very real way, too. The rhetoric of fear has infected our relationship with our landlord. Formerly an ally, he has made it clear he can no longer support our stand for racial justice. Because of this tension and his unreasonable demand for a $1000 a month rent increase, we cannot continue to serve the youth in our current space.

Fear breeds fear, and we were terrified. We had no idea where to go so quickly or where we would find a place our small agency could afford. Art from Ashes staff and volunteers helped turn 853 Inca St from an ugly warehouse to the warm and comfortable place is has been for us, for the volunteers, for the community, and most importantly, for the youth for nearly 10 years.

But Art from Ashes handles fear with faith.

We had faith in our community, and our community rose to the occasion. The Denver Housing Authority is providing a welcoming home for our diverse population. We will be moving into the space at 10th and Navajo on December 29th–30th!newspace-2

The young people impacted by bigotry and abuse need us more than ever, because they also are angry, afraid and feeling unheard. Thanks to your vital support over the years, the generosity of our funders, the hard work of our staff, board and volunteers, and the good people at Denver Housing Authority, AfA will continue to give the youth the opportunity to be heard, because we know their creative power will transform the world for good.

Some think our country is moving backward, but Art from Ashes is pushing forward. Will you move forward with us?

Please let us know if you are willing to support our work with youth (in a new place in a new year!)

Thank you to all our volunteers for helping us move! Look forward to our upcoming “Illuminate” homewarming, gallery opening, and youth performance!