Phoenix Rising Writing Kits HAVE ARRIVED! (or rather, have been sent)

Art from Ashes would like to thank Tony Grampsas Youth Services Program (TGYS) for supporting the creation of our new PHOENIX RISING WRITING KITS for youth! We put together our first 82 kits, which were delivered and/or mailed to the students at New America School-Thornton, Aurora Community School, Heart and Hand Center, and 11 youth participants in our on-site workshops. It took two months to re-imagine our curriculum in order to create self-guided prompts, design the prompt cards, print and record all the poems, and purchase the prompt materials. It was a lot of work but awesome creative fun!

Since some youth don’t have access to the Internet and consequently can’t do our online mini-workshops on Wednesdays, we now have a kit that contains six workshop prompt cards (2 or 3 prompts per card), a journal and pen, copies of poems and a link to the YouTube audio versions, and all the prompt materials we use in our workshops! Each kit costs us approximately $25, because we use local vendors and do everything ourselves (NOT made in China 😁).

“Ooof that really means a lot i heckin miss you guys and I can’t wait to start visiting again after covid calms down.”

— Brandon, on-site youth participant

If you would like your own kit while also supporting additional kits for young people, please donate $50 via our website, PayPal or ColoradoGives. If you’re unable to donate that much, we’ll use whatever we can raise to put towards additional kits. Just let us know in the comment area what your support is for.

And thank you again, TGYS, for helping us provide much-needed creative expression and empowerment to young people through the power of poetry!

Writing kit prep

Provide a Writing Kit for a young person and get one for yourself with a $50 donation (below)! Or please donate any amount you can toward the $25 price per youth.

Sarah delivering packages