Young AmeriTowne

On May 23, Art from Ashes was one of six charities chosen by the Young AmeriTowne youth board members to receive a donation at a lovely ceremony at Young American’s Bank in Lakewood. Over the course of the year, everyone was invited to donate personal funds or business profits at the donation station. The Community First Foundation agreed to match $.10 to each AmeriTowne dollar donated. We are especially grateful to the incredible youth from Young AmeriTowne for choosing our organization!

Young AmeriTowne is an organization that offers teachers of 4th and 5th graders a program that helps students learn about business, economics, and free enterprise. Every year they choose six new charities to receive AmeriTowne dollars, a play currency used to represent real money. Young AmeriTowne has over 11,000 youth participating at the Belmar location and over 25,000 students overall in their flagship program.