A Look Back At 2015

Art from Ashes continued to make strides forward in our support of Denver youth in 2015, empowering hundreds more youth to find their voice and power.

Some of the highlights from last year include making nearly 3,000 youth contacts and facilitating 391 workshops, an 80 percent increase from the 352 in 2014!

Meanwhile, our amazing volunteer grant team increased revenue by 61 percent, making a total of 18 percent of organizational revenue. Of the 19 grants submitted, an incredible 42 percent were awarded.

Take a look below at some of our other successes from last year. Without your support, whether through volunteering, funding or other means, we could not have taken these steps. We are looking forward to a year of reaching even more youth, and changing even more lives, in 2016.

Like a Phoenix Rising, we will see a lot of new growth and opportunities for Art from Ashes. We will be releasing new programs and have a great new team of staff and volunteers eager to take on an aggressive but ever exciting list of events and fundraising goals. I, with the board, staff and volunteers are seeking to expand our wings and our influence in the community and across the state. – Board President Ray Rodriguez

Download the pdf here: AfA-2015 Prelim Report