Photo of CatherineNobody owns a nonprofit agency, not even the founder of the organization. It is a public trust—and everyone in the community is an integral part of the work we do.

When the young people in our society are receiving care, we all benefit: the community saves on court costs and fewer prisons (which cost taxpayers far more than programs like ours—and obviously without the transformational results); less crime; fewer teen pregnancies; less poverty; less cyclical domestic and child abuse; increased literacy; improved mental health—in fact, the benefits of restoring hope to a struggling young person are innumerable.

We continue to hold fundraisers, solicit grants, and pursue contracts with other youth organizations, and we also believe strongly in the reciprocity of individual giving. It not only benefits the recipient—in this case, high-risk youth—but blesses the giver. If you’d like more information on the emotional and financial benefits of giving and how important it is especially during hard times, please download an article called “The Greatest Moneymaking Secret In History” by Dr. Joe Vitale.

There are multiple ways in addition to donating that you can join us in supporting youth voices, and really show up for our future leaders:


Attend our Virtual First Friday youth performances on Instagram live! Every first Friday of the month at 6pm (MST) we gather young people who are willing to share their poems. For 12 years the youth performed in the community. Now we are asking for the online community to show your appreciation for their courage and creativity! Find our handle [@afaphoenix] on Instagram and join us!


YOU TOO can participate in our social media writing prompts every Tuesday and Thursday on Facebook. We promote breaking down the walls that separate us, and want the youth to know we’re willing to share what we’ve written, too! The more you share, the more welcoming it is for others to share. And please sign up for our newsletter or text ARTFROMASHES [all caps, no spaces] to 22828.


Apply to be a volunteer! Not only can you support the agency in numerous ways (see below), but we hope you’ll tell your friends and family about us! That small gesture of faith in our work makes a huge difference, because the truth is that people are more inclined to give financially to an organization their loved ones believe in.

*Most importantly, tell the young people in your life about AfA and encourage them to try some of our free programming by contacting our Director of Programs.

Below are some concrete ways to help our agency serve youth!