Want to spark your inner creative genius and connect with others wherever you are?

During this out-of-control year of turmoil, Art from Ashes has been and will continue to offer young people a much-needed creative outlet, featuring various writing prompts that will inspire expression, connection, and transformation: our signature process for hope and healing.

As you are no doubt aware, we do not “teach” poetry, we facilitate transformation using the language of metaphor found in poetry.

The safe space we hold for you, and the connections you build with one another and the facilitators, is something sacred to all of us at AfA.

It simply isn’t possible to hold this space when we can’t be together in person—and let’s face it, attempting to create the same environment behind a computer screen is just not as meaningful. That said, we DO want to provide you with a chance to write, to have your voice heard, and to be creative. To that end, we will virtually facilitate a collection of writing prompts FOR FREE for young people age 12 to 24 every Wednesday at 4pm through Zoom.

Any young person who wants to participate, please send your name, age, and email address to the Director of Programs using the form below. There is absolutely no cost to youth, thanks to grants from our community. An Art from Ashes facilitator will email the necessary link to you by 3:30 on Wednesday.

We also recognize that many adults may want their own writing prompts, so we have made that opportunity available via Facebook, live feeds on Instagram, and here on our website every Tuesday and Thursday. And if any adult would like to send us a young person’s info (with their permission) by using the form below, we’ll contact them to find out if they’re interested.

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Want to join Art from Ashes Zoom workshop?

Because our award-winning curriculum requires an interactive approach, these prompts are simply a taste of the creative activities in our workshops. For more information about partnering with Art from Ashes after the crisis has passed or to schedule virtual workshops for your school or youth-serving agency, please contact our Director of Programs Sarah Lanzarotta.